In Praise of the Third Tier

Well, gosh golly y’all! Above the Law covered a video post by Bowen showing an interview of two students (Skye and Jonathan) who met in law school and got themselves hitched. I love reading Above the Law. This is probably a rather sad statement, but I was excited to see my law school mentioned, despite the snark:

“Needless to say, we’re completely ‘gobsmacked’ that a law school would attempt to prey upon people’s wallets vis-à-vis their lonely hearts. But on the other hand, if you’re so desperate to find love that you’re willing to stake your entire financial future on it, then perhaps you deserve everything that’s coming to you.”

The video, made for Valentine’s Day, was sweet. It doesn’t seem very likely that someone would endure the torture rigor and expense of law school in the hope of finding a mate. You can do that for free.

Then we get to the comments. I know, I know, but I’m bored with reviewing some files.

1. Apparently there are a lot of really attractive people who post comments on Above the Law. I won’t quote the terrible things, because they are rude (as my grandmammy used to say “Pretty is as pretty does.”). If you were one of these people, please send me a photograph and I will give you an honest critique of your looks.

2. A Bowen alum gallantly entered the fray to defend Skye’s intellect and work ethic. Enter the troll: “Considering where you went to school ‘the smartest people you know’ is a pretty low bar.” Ouch.

My husband/brother/cousin went to a top 20 law school. Skye clerked for his office. His opinion: “She was really, really smart.” Also, my LSAT score was higher than his (sorry babe, but it’s for a good cause). Edit: he insists that I mention that it was only one point higher.

3. Is it easier to get into a third-tier school? Of course it is. But, as one astute reader pointed out, there are many problems that don’t need a $500 per hour attorney. Arkansas is a poor state. Most of the people here can’t afford the first tier grads; they need access to reasonably-priced attorneys who can do a competent job. Third-tier schools cost a lot less, enabling grads to charge less.

4. Third-tier doesn’t mean that you don’t have great professors. I left Bowen more than adequately prepared. The kind of work I do puts me toe-to-toe with highly ranked national and international attorneys. I’ve never felt inadequate.

BOWEN: I can’t find the video on your website anymore. If you took it down because of Above the Law’s ridiculous article, please put it back up.



2 thoughts on “In Praise of the Third Tier

  1. Above the Law’s problem is it has become the go-to place for the legal malcontents. The comment section is filled with furious posters who have abandoned law or have worthless top tier degrees. The only thing left is for them to talk about who is worse than they are because the’re ass-deep in debt and infuriated. I actually can’t even read Above the Law any more because its become legal field destruction porn, in my eyes.

  2. The comments really are terrible. There are still some interesting articles, especially in the small firm section. I just need to remind myself not to click through the comment barrier. It’s there for my protection.

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