Forever Evernote, iPad Edition, Part 2: Skitch


Skitch for Evernote

Today we are taking an in depth look at Skitch, which is an app that I use with Evernote. It’s made by the same people who make Evernote, so the integration is pretty much flawless. Skitch goes everywhere that Evernote goes, so let’s take a look!

This is going to be a photo-intensive post, so you should know that clicking on a photo will bring up a larger version of that photo.

Skitching with iPad

One of the biggest advantages of Evernote is the ability to use it on my iPad, and Skitch is a big part of helping me take photographic notes. It is downloadable at the app store, for free.

OK, I Got it, Now What? 

First, go to the skitch app and open it up:


Select the type of file you want from the main menu: 

This is the main screen. Just like Evernote, if you want to add a new skitch item, you click the plus button. If you want to discard an item, you click the little trashcan and an image like the one directly below will pop up and you hit the little “x” to delete it.


The photo directly below this is the main menu. You can:  1. take a photo with your iPad; 2. choose a picture from your iPad or photo stream; 3. draw something on a map (the map is in Skitch); 4. start with a blank canvas; or 5. take a screen grab from a website. Let’s take each of them in turn.



This option is pretty self explanatory. Once you hit this button, it opens up into a camera app and you just snap a photo. The remainder of this type of file is identical to the “choose a photo” option, so scroll on down for more on that.


For choose a photo, you are going to get an option about where to get the photo:


You have to select the photo either from the camera roll (the photos that you have actually taken with your iPad) or your photo stream (all of your photos across all devices that support iPhoto or compatible apps like Social Folders). I selected Photo Stream:


Now, you just select a picture and get to work!

You can make a blurry area for sensitive information that you don’t want someone else to see (or a stray ink mark on your wrist):


You can draw arrows on your photos and choose the color of elements you want to add:


You can crop photos:



You can add highlighting and put it all together:



This is a hand little feature that lets you do the same features as the photos, but on an in-app map:



Another great feature if you are only looking for drawing tools:



I have used this handy tool during depositions when I have been doing internet research on something that has been mentioned. I can capture a screen grab of the website and highlight anything that’s relevant. Here is an example from a newspaper’s website:


Now let’s see how it works in Evernote: 

Go open up Evernote from your main screen:


Select the “Skitch” notebook. You will get this notebook when you open a skitch account and link it to your Evernote account.


THis is the view of the skitch notebook. I never re-titled the pictures I took for this post, so they all have the same name. But, ideally, you would give your photos unique names to use that search feature later.


This is a note opened up:


Because this is Evernote, you can share anything you create in Skitch with someone else, by either creating a public link to email or post, etc., or by emailing someone individually who has an Evernote account and letting them share the note in their own notebook.


So that’s it! Now you are a Skitch Pro and hopefully it will help you get more out of Evernote. 

Stay tuned for some upcoming posts talking about the apps I use with Evernote to get the most out of it.

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