Friday Funbag! Pictures of my office

Today is Friday. Friday is funday. I don’t know why Madonna thought Sunday was a good fit, but it was the eighties and a lot of people were making poor choices.

So, since it’s funday, let’s do something fun. Like look at pictures of my office. I have between the second and third cleanest office in my firm, depending on what is happening in the patent department. I take office decorating seriously, because I spend more awake time at my office than anywhere else.

Invitation: Send me pictures of your office to hawglawblawg at gmail dot com and I will post them next Friday, assuming you don’t work at a strip club or dog fighting arena.

This is where I sit. I sit a lot.


The jelly beans are a joke from an early episode of The Office.


My daughter’s nickname is Bunny.


Proud Peacock from T.J. Maxx.


Roses and lavender from my garden.


Chairs. People actually sit in these.


A teacup for my paper clips and a gift from a co-worker.




My daughter, Beatrix, and a place for my keys.



One thought on “Friday Funbag! Pictures of my office

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