Every Day Can’t Be the Best Day

Today is not going to be the best day. 

In the next 12 days, beginning today, I will spend a full 8 of them in depositions. That’s 25 depositions total, maybe more, depending on whether a witnesses changes her mind about refusing to attend. That’s a post for another day.

Let’s review my weekend: I worked late Friday night, into Saturday morning, and then accidentally slept until 1. Baby shower Saturday evening (which was really fun!) meant working really early Sunday morning. Check. Got up at 5 and got a lot of work time in.

But, I also planned a cookout at my house for Sunday afternoon, because I don’t feel like I’ve had a weekend unless I’ve overextended myself.

As I was doing some yard work for the cookout (read: remodeling my entire landscaping, because anything worth doing is worth doing right!), I pulled a muscle in my “gro-in” as we say in the South, and the symptoms kept getting worse, until it became a possible hernia, according to the WebMD. I didn’t even know that women could get hernias until I read that article, so at least that part was informative.

After texting with 4-5 doctor friends (apparently, I need a quorum to make health decisions), I went to the emergency room to get checked out. A full two minutes with the doctor confirmed no hernia, but that didn’t seem to make the pain feel any better, resulting in an entire night of tossing and turning, even with the muscle relaxer. And now I have 5-6 depos today, starting in a couple of hours.

I wonder how I’m going to sit still with the shooting pains running up and down my leg? Or maybe I won’t. Maybe I will just randomly keep jumping in my chair and freak everyone out.

Sigh. It makes me think of these Atmosphere lyrics:

“Every day can’t be the best day

Do what you can right now, don’t hesitate

That’s why we try to make love and get paid

Take the bad with the good, now let’s play”

Because that’s what lawyers do. We try to make the best of bad days. Usually, it’s our client’s bad day. But, sometimes it’s our bad day.

Here’s how I’m making the best of it:

1. I made French toast with leftover hotdog buns:

hot dog bun french toast

No. I didn’t eat all of it. I did eat most of it. It’s important to eat a lot before long depos because it sucks to be the person with the growling stomach.

2. Red Bull. I don’t dare try to take another muscle relaxer, so I’m going to go the opposite direction.

3. Review the file and thank my lucky stars that I prepped this round of depos on a slow day about a month ago. Working ahead definitely has its advantages. The only left to do is copy some exhibits and get them organized. In order to reduce the weight of my briefcase, I’ll be doing the entire deposition off of my ipad in Evernote and working with DocScanner, which will give me fodder for another post.

4. Remember that this too shall pass.

How do you handle the days that aren’t the best days? I would love to know. 

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