Oppa Hangover Style?

I hope this lawyer has a Black Card, because his birthday party destroyed over $90,000 worth of property. 

Sometimes you have to remember that just because something happens in a movie, that doesn’t mean it’s ok in real life. For instance, The Hangover probably isn’t something you should attempt to reinact. 



Choice quotes from the article linked above:

Robert Pearman, 45, a Los Angeles lawyer specializing in workers compensation, was charged with malicious destruction of property following the March 30 incident at the Encore’s three-bedroom, two-story, 5,829-square-foot duplex apartment.

According to his Las Vegas police report, the room was in “total disarray.” Furniture was overturned, shards of glass lined the floor, and food covered the carpet, walls, floors and drapes.

Police said a speaker, vase and Michelangelo book were also ruined. Encore staff projected the damage at $96,270.61, including labor and expenses.

When officers spoke to Pearman, the registered guest, the lawyer apparently admitted the incident.

“I take full responsibility for what happened here. We were partying,” Pearman told police. “I did all of this. I am responsible for all these people. Let my people go.”

It gets even better: 

The lawyer yelled at Encore staff in front of the officers and named the hotel’s owner, Steve Wynn, police said.

Pearman said he is a lawyer and “will depose Steve Wynn, and make this place Napalm,” police said. 

A deposition doesn’t really seem like a very good threat. Napalm on the other hand? Well…see yesterday’s post on arson. 



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