Friday Funbag: Best Names for Lawyer’s Babies

Did you hear the one about the lawyers who sent out ballots to name their baby? ATL covered that story yesterday, but what about baby names related to the law? 

I named my kid Beatrix, and I love that she has the latin “x” ending. Testatrix is one of my favorite words. What else is there? Here are some ideas: 

Girl names

Portia-a lawyer in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice.

Lexi– in honor of LexisNexis, of course. 

Ally– of the McBeal variety.

Elle-of the blonde variety.

Courtney-you can shorten it to “Court.” This one can go boy, too.

Boy names

Brandeis-first Jewish justice of the Supreme Court. 

Phineas-another famous lawyer. 

Atticus-and yet another famous lawyer.

Lawyer-just go straight to it. It sounds like the popular “Sawyer.” 

Learned-a famous judge. It just doesn’t sound the same without “Hand” though.

Judge-This one would be really fun if your kid actually ended up being a judge.


What do you think? I’ve got to be missing a ton! 


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