Easy Breakfasts for Busy Lawyers

Why You Should Cook

When I was first hired, part of my orientation was my boss telling me about things I could do to keep myself from burning out. I’m finally on a good track of exercising and eating healthier, but I wish I would have heeded the advice a while ago, instead of waiting two years into it. Part of the problem is the lack of time. I work full-time and I’m the mom of a two year old.

Part of the problem is the lack of motivation to wake up early enough to eat right. I’ve started getting up 20-30 minutes earlier than usual to make sure I have time to either eat breakfast or pack something for breakfast. That’s why I’ve made this section of recipes that don’t take a lot of time (or if they do, they save time later). As for the healthy part, some of these are healthier than others, but they are almost all more balanced than a fast food meal. Eating right helps you feel better and hang in there for the long, busy days that inevitably come with our profession.

Breakfast Foods

Blueberry Cream Cheese Muffins

Muffins are one of the best breakfast foods to make because you can make a couple of batches at once and throw them in the freezer. Take one out when you wake up and it will be ready by the time you head to work.

These blueberry cream cheese muffins are delicious and easy enough for a beginning baker. Blueberries are a superfood and come packed with great things, like antioxidants.

You can find the recipe (from tasty kitchen) here. No need to make the jumbo ones, unless you have a big appetite in the morning.

English Muffin Sandwich

This sandwich is perfect for a great start to your day. It’s healthy and delicious. The key to making this quickly is to have your vegetables prepped. The only cooking required is a fried egg (that only take a few minute) and the rest is quick assembly.

There are tons of variations on this. Here are some other combo ideas:

Brie, raspberry jam, and ham.

Fresh mozzerella, tomato jam, red onion, and egg.

Gruyere, arugula (rocket for my UK people) and bacon or ham (melt in the microwave for an especially delicious sandwich).

Scrambled eggs, bacon and tomato (use microwave bacon for a quick cook).

Stuff You Can Store at Work

I eat a lot, so I keep stuff at work I can eat for breakfast when I don’t have time to get breakfast. Usually, I take a quick trip to the grocery store at lunch once a week to stock up.

Cheddar cracker slices.

Blueberry pint.

Melba toast and laughing cow spreadable cheese.

Peanut butter and saltines.

Oatmeal (if you keep fruit jam handy, you can throw it in to the cheap kind and save money on those expensive fruit and oatmeal bowls; I also keep brown sugar in my drawer).

Biscotti (for a light coffee or hot chocolate kind of day; this stuff keeps in a drawer forever).

There you have it. No excuses for not eating breakfast!


3 thoughts on “Easy Breakfasts for Busy Lawyers

  1. I think you left out the unstated tip to “keep things at your work so your husband doesn’t eat them all as a snack.”

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