Man Charged with Attempted Murder Refuses Help of “Negro” Public Defender Because this is Definitely the time to stand up for his racist principles

Let’s say you are 51 years old and being charged with attempted murder. You don’t have enough money to hire a lawyer, so you are given one. FOR FREE. Costs billed to the taxpayers. You could be thankful or you could be a racist dick. I’d go with thankful, but we all choose our own paths…for instance, as stabby as I may feel somedays, I’m not actually going to stab a fellow passenger on a bus.


Meet Thomas Thorpe. He is 51 and apparently either resides or rides through Orlando and stabs people on buses. WKMG Orlando¬†reports that he appeared before a judge today to face multiple charges, including attempted murder, and refused to have a lawyer represent him. Because the lawyer is black. And maybe also because he is lawyer. I don’t know.

“Do you understand what an attorney is and what they do?” asked the judge. “Yes, they screwed us,” Thorpe responded.

OK, you know what, Tom? Can I call you Tom? There are some real jerk attorneys out there. I know that. But, all things considered you are still better off with the jerk than by yourself. Because he’s definitely tried more attempted murder cases than you have AND YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW IF THIS GUY IS A JERK OR NOT BECAUSE YOU LITERALLY JUST MET HIM.

You know what else, Tom? I think everyone has some racial bias. If they say they don’t, they are lying. But even if you are the most racist idiot in the world, you should probably suck it up if it makes the difference between getting a lawyer and representing yourself. For attempted murder. This is not going to go well for you, Tom. Not at all.

Thorpe seemed in a hurry as the short hearing progressed, telling the judge he wanted to enter a plea without the assistance of the African-American attorney standing next to him.

“I said not guilty — I pleaded not guilty and I don’t want this negro standing next to me,” Thorpe told the judge. “I don’t want a negro standing next to me.”

The judge expressed some concerns about Thorpe’s mental health and he is now being watched as he sits in jail on attempted first-degree murder charges with no bond. His next court appearance date has not been set and it’s not known if he will have an attorney representing him when he makes that appearance at the Orange County Courthouse.

Good luck with that, Tom. Actually, you know what? NOT good luck with that. Because you are a racist twat and you don’t deserve it.

And to the public defender–you have the patience of a saint and I’m really glad you don’t have to represent this guy. He doesn’t deserve you. And you look sharp in that suit, by the way.



One thought on “Man Charged with Attempted Murder Refuses Help of “Negro” Public Defender Because this is Definitely the time to stand up for his racist principles

  1. Interesting post and good commentary on a story that was news to me. Thanks for sharing it. Guess it takes all kinds and some people just can’t get out of their own way.

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