Friday Funbag: Why Does This Attorney Think Humans Have Dog Piss in Them?


My friend, an attorney here in Little Rock, says he got this Request for Admission this week from an attorney, whose name he kindly redacted even though he didn’t have to. And we all wish that he didn’t, I’m sure.

If I got this from someone I knew, I would probably laugh pretty hard. But…he doesn’t know the person who sent this. I have been assured that this person did not attend law school in Arkansas. 


If you’re reading this and you wrote it, please email me and tell me your thought process behind that decision. I’m not sure if this is meant to be funny or posturing or what, but…I’d sure like to know.

Other readers: have you ever gotten a completely off the wall discovery request? Do tell. 




6 thoughts on “Friday Funbag: Why Does This Attorney Think Humans Have Dog Piss in Them?

  1. More context would be nice to determine if it was an unprofessional effort at weak humor or a jerk’s off-the-wall bluster.

    • Here’s everything I know: it was drafted by a woman (that surprised me), no previous interactions between these attorneys, this person has only been practicing a couple if years and has numerous examples of very contentious relationships with others. Judges are sometimes involved because it’s so bad.

  2. […] Litigators get away with a lot of obnoxious stuff during discovery. For better or worse, the pre-trial discovery phase of civil litigation is every lawyer’s opportunity to relive those times when parents leave kids alone for the first time: every slight, disagreement, and jealousy on a slow boil explodes into anarchic back-biting once there’s no authority figure around to enforce civility. Bring on the mean-spirited letters and smack-talking RFAs. […]

    • I know who she is and the “paralegal” (and I use the term loosely) she hired who wrote that has been convicted of animal cruelty for tossing his dog out of a moving pick up truck so maybe it isn’t so far off base since he has the propensity.

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