New Details Released in PrawsBlawg Murder

Dan Markel’s most impressive achievement wasn’t likely his PrawsBlawg; after all, he was a two-time Harvard grad, law professor at FSU, and father of two. But, that’s the capacity I’ve come to know him in, having been a follower of that blawg since my law school days.

Professor Markel was shot in the head at his home on July 18 and died a day later at a local hospital. CNN reports that Florida police have released new details in Professor Markel’s death, which has confounded friends, neighbors and colleagues alike.

On Friday, a day after Markel was laid to rest in Toronto, a few new details emerged in a heavily redacted police report. The report shows Markel, 41, was shot in the garage of his home, some time between 10:45 a.m. and 11:02 a.m. The keys were inside Markel’s car, with the doors unlocked. Police on Wednesday released via social media a picture of a silver car they term a “vehicle of interest.” Neighbors describe it as a Prius. Police on Facebook cautioned it may have been a resident, passerby or delivery driver.

Why would anyone, much less a Prius driver, want to target a law professor for what appears to many to be a hired hit?

The whys aren’t too important to me. Ultimately, a family and many communities, both in real life and online, have lost a person very valuable to them. Professor Markel has written about crime and punishment extensively. I hope the justice system will serve him as well as he’s served it.

Various memorials in different parts of the country have been organized. For more details at PrawsBlawg.

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