Friday Funbag: The Craziest Named Places in Arkansas

Arkansas made the #1 spot in Buzzfeed’s “Places You Won’t Believe Actually Exist List” with Toad Suck, but that doesn’t nearly cover all the strangely name places in Arkansas here’s my list:

Bald Knob

Possum Grape

Booger Hollow

Rooster Poot


Greasy Corner


Ben Hur

Apt-When railroad crews designated a junction site in Craighead County well over a century ago, local farmers wondered about a name. One man quipped that the “railroad people will be apt to name it.” The name Apt stuck.

Ink-Local tradition says that a Polk County school teacher sent out notes to patrons requesting possible names for their new post office. Fearing penciled entries might be difficult to read, she requested that they please “write in ink.” Many did…and Ink was the winner.

DeQueen (pronounced “DEE-queen)-the only town in America with this name, which was a poorly Anglicized Dutch name.

Snowball (which is mostly funny because it was the result of a paperwork mixup; residents petitioned to have it named “Snow Hall” after a Mr. Snow).

Turkey Scratch

Stamps-Also the only place in America with this name.

And a whole slew of places with the word “negro” in them (which were actually upgraded to be less offensive…):

Negro Bend, a historical populated place in Drew County
Negro Bill Point, Woodruff
Negro Branch streams in Howard and Yell counties
Negro Creek, Scott
Negro Head Corner, a populated place in Woodruff
Negro Head Slough, Greene
Negro Hill, in Faulkner, Izard, Van Buren and Pope


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