Wells Law Firm Makes History Its Second Day of Business by Becoming First Law Firm in Arkansas to Accept Bitcoin


I am happy to say that Wells Law Firm became the first law firm to register and be approved for accepting Bitcoin for its services and (to my knowledge) the first law firm in the state (and one of the first in the nation) to offer services related to Bitcoin and crypto currency transactions for businesses. I am sorry to say that we are not currently accepting Dogecoin, although I’m not ruling it out forever.


When you’re a lawyer “making history” can be really good or really bad. I am proud to say that today my firm makes history in a good way by being the first law firm in Arkansas to accept payment in Bitcoin cryptocurrency.


We are the second merchant in the entire state to accept it, the first being Quain Percussion.

But, accepting Bitcoins as a payment option isn’t our only cryptocurrency service: we can also set up trust accounts for bit coins, aid in contract drafting, review, and negotiation for business transactions using Bitcoins, and assist in other related crypto currency transactions. To my knowledge, we are the first firm in the state focusing on this area for businesses.

Part of my pledge to myself in opening my own firm was to refuse to do law business as usual and I’m proud that we have broken new ground from the very beginning.  I want to use every possible technological avenue to provide affordable services to Arkansans and Arkansas businesses.

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