Jennifer Wells is an associate at the Little Rock branch of Roberts Law Firm, P.A. She’s married to a lawyer, a situation that gives her lots of “opportunities” to hone her arguing skills.

Work History

Prior to her work at Roberts Law Firm, Jennifer was a judicial clerk for the 20th Judicial Circuit of Arkansas.

Prior to that, she clerked at many firms and businesses in Arkansas, including: Southwest Power Pool, the Office of the Arkansas Attorney General; the Friday Firm; Williams & Anderson; Cross, Gunter, Witherspoon & Galchus; &  Rose Law Firm.

Prior to that, Jennifer sold wedding dresses at Proposals, where she was occasionally a witness at impromptu wedding ceremonies.

Prior to that, Jennifer was a paralegal at firms in Texas & Arkansas.

Prior to that, Jennifer worked at the cookie place in the mall, was a Sonic carhop, and was voted the worst waitress at Damgoode Pies. If she ever waited on you there, she would like to take this opportunity to apologize to you now.

Licenses, Certificates, & Memberships

Jennifer is licensed in Arkansas. She is also licensed to practice before the Eastern and Western Federal District Courts of Arkansas, but that’s pretty much the same thing as having an Arkansas license.

Jennifer narrowly missed being admitted to the United States Supreme Court in 2011. She did not meet the number of years in practice requirement, at the time. One can avoid that requirement by actually arguing a case in front of the Supreme Court, but no one else seemed to think that was a good idea.

Jennifer has a certificate stating that she completed a court-ordered “Youth Hostility & Aggression Course.” She did not. She completed a court-ordered defensive driving class at age 16, but they ran out of certificates and just handed out whatever they could find. Still, when she needs to get tough, she pulls out that certificate.

Jennifer has been known to check email at:

jennyknepper at gmail.com

She invites your ideas, tips, suggestions, & recipes for baked goods.



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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Jennifer, All of your disclaimers notwithstanding, inquiring minds still need know this burning legal question – does the Rose Law Firm really have a swimming pool inside it?

  2. Hi Jennifer:
    That looks like Ivan on your Brandreth page. I met him a number of times as a youngster at Brandreth in the 1950s.

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