Announcing #Lawyer & #LawStudent #Annoying #Work #Selfie Contest

Hawg Law Blawg is holding an #annoying  #work #selfie contest for #lawyers and #lawstudents! The prize? A Hawg Law Blawg t-shirt and templates for some litigation aides.

Let’s celebrate the most annoying thing I can think of: selfies! Feel free to incorporate whatever you find the most annoying about selfies. For instance, I find it super annoying that girls use annoying facial expressions:


Other Info: 

Content ends at midnight on August 30, 2014.

I pick the winner by whatever method I feel like the next day. I like really funny people. It would be especially awesome if you dressed up as a famous lawyer. Or anything, really.

You can do whatever you want in it, so long as it’s legal and I don’t have to see your private parts.

The selfie should be in your office or wherever you are working. Prefereably while doing work. Or in the car, but only if you include the seatbelt.

You should be a lawyer or law student. Or a jailhouse lawyer. Or a sovereign citizen.

Try not to to use a filter.

Duck lips both allowed and encouraged. This is the only time you will hear me say that.