When Opposing Counsel Thinks That Being “Aggressive” Will Make Me Change My Mind.



Friday Funbag: Other People’s Offices Edition

Two weeks ago I did a post on my office decor. I now have pictures from two other lawyers who were brave enough to send in pictures of their offices for our Friday Funbag! Enjoy!

Rachel’s Office

Rachel is an Arkansas attorney with a Bachelor’s in Music. She focuses on doing contract work for starving artists, musicians, and non-profits. She provided helpful captions for her photos:

1) What I like to call The Wall of Unfathomable Debt.
     Wall of Unfathomable Debt

2) My office is full of all the things I like, since I use not only to do legal work but also to learn and compose music, read up on current world events, etc. Here’s one corner mixing in music with all the law books on the shelf. Includes music signed by composer Stephen A. Paulus, the poster (in Polish) from when the ASU Choir sang the Mozart Requiem in Krakow my senior year of college, and a picture of me and Edmond on our Carnegie Hall trip my sophomore year of college.


3) My collage of college music exploits. Operas, choir concerts, madrigal feastes, etc. I like to look at it. It makes me happy.


4) More mixing of interests. Legal books, French dictionaries and travel guides, poster from when we sang in Carnegie Hall, A signed by my castmates in “A…My Name Is Alice,” the Beatles, vintage booze set…all the important stuff.


5) My grandmother’s antique piano (see young grandmother in black and white photo on right of piano – she passed when I was 6). I think it’s beautiful, even though it sounds like someone’s about to die in a horror movie if you try to play it. One of these days I’ll save up the money to have it completely restored.

6) Desk. Complete with painting of Warsaw bought in downtown Warsaw and maps purchased and actually used in Prague and Nice. I like having these things right in front of me. It’s a quick escape to really amazing times if I need a break.

There you go. My little home office/sanctuary/music studio/memory box.

Nader’s Office

Nader is also an Arkansas attorney. He works in the State Office of Child Support Enforcement. He did not provide captions, so the commentary is mine.

1.) Wall o’ Memes


2) Normal looking computer station.


3.) Wood paneling. My husband would love it.


4.) That’s either a Starship Enterprise or something from Star Wars. Probably. I’m not 100% certain. I know it’s not a Death Star though, so that should count for something.


There you have it! Today’s Friday Funbag. Lawyer’s keep those pictures coming and I’ll keep posting. See you next week!

No Sources Required

The entire Internet community recently came together to vote on whether or not any sources, minimal research activity, and/or any shred of evidence must be researched before posting articles to social media sites. The vote was an overwhelming, “No.” Said one Facebook user: “I don’t think you need a reliable source if you have a reliable hunch.” “I don’t understand why I would want to do independent research,” said a 40-year old father of two, “no one would forward me an email about something that was incorrect.”

Friday Funbag! Pictures of my office

Today is Friday. Friday is funday. I don’t know why Madonna thought Sunday was a good fit, but it was the eighties and a lot of people were making poor choices.

So, since it’s funday, let’s do something fun. Like look at pictures of my office. I have between the second and third cleanest office in my firm, depending on what is happening in the patent department. I take office decorating seriously, because I spend more awake time at my office than anywhere else.

Invitation: Send me pictures of your office to hawglawblawg at gmail dot com and I will post them next Friday, assuming you don’t work at a strip club or dog fighting arena.

This is where I sit. I sit a lot.


The jelly beans are a joke from an early episode of The Office.


My daughter’s nickname is Bunny.


Proud Peacock from T.J. Maxx.


Roses and lavender from my garden.


Chairs. People actually sit in these.


A teacup for my paper clips and a gift from a co-worker.




My daughter, Beatrix, and a place for my keys.