Reader Question of the Day: Can I Eat a Dog?

From the reader mailbag marked “Oh My God, Is This Person for Real and Should I Inform the Authorities?” we have a question from a person on the internet who is using what I can only assume is a throwaway email account. Never mind the all important rule of “don’t get legal advice from the internet,” for this guy, we should just skip back to the more elementary rule of “don’t just ask the first question that pops into your head.” All sic, obviously, as well as original all caps format:


I can only assume this question is prompted by the recent news of a New Mexico man, Salvador Martinez, 46, who was arrested after he allegedly killed the family’s 9-month-old black and white chiweenie, named Onyx, with a screwdriver in front of his children, skinned it, and put it in the freezer.

According to a criminal complaint, Martinez freely admitted to deputies he had killed Onyx, explaining that the couple didn’t have enough food for themselves and the grandkids. His girlfriend later told investigators there was plenty of food in the house. Deputies say Martinez told them he then went online to look up dog meat recipes and whether it was legal to eat dogs in New Mexico. According to a criminal complaint, when the girlfriend discovered the slaughtered dog the next day and confronted Martinez she says Martinez told her that if she didn’t like it he would take it over to his mother’s house for a barbecue. White says while it’s legal to eat dogs in New Mexico, the way in which Martinez says he killed Onyx is absolutely illegal. Martinez was arrested and is being charged with extreme animal cruelty, a fourth degree felony, as well as child abuse.“The kids were present inside the residence and had full knowledge of what was taking place with their family pet,” White said.

Why you would go normcore for your mugshot, I don’t know, because those glasses scream “guilty,”  but that’s probably just one of many questions I have for this guy about his life choices:


Hardcore normcore; KQRE photo credit
Hardcore normcore; KQRE photo credit

Someone claiming to be Martinez’s girlfriend said in the comments:

Here are the facts: No children were in the house. I am the EX-girlfriend, we split up last month because of his drinking and I had moved to the other room where I was asleep when he murdered my baby GIRL and dressed her like a deer and put her in the fridge to marinate, where I found her the next day. He had been drinking that day and was mad at the dogs for barking so he murdered Onyx to make an example of her to the other dogs is what he told me. We had food and we raise chickens. He had gone to get a food box on Thursday, the day he murdered her. He went to get another food box the next day and my daughter called the cops while he was gone. They showed up when he got back. He lied to them and told them we had no food. Of course when they looked in the fridge low and behold they found food. I will testify against him as I did not know how he killed her till now. I hate him now for what he did to my sweet baby girl.

Ok, so no kids were in the house, but apparently grandkids were scheduled to come over later (presumably when the girlfriend’s daughter showed up and saw the dog in the freezer and called the cops).

Back to the reader question.

Answer: I don’t know, but I now hate you for making my browser history look like it belongs a crazy psychopath.