Doc Review: it’s better than eating a raw squirrel!

I don’t know how people survive doing document review full time. For the past couple of months, I’ve done 2.5 days of document review per week on a big class action case. Well, I’m supposed to being doing 2.5 days.

It was pretty fun the first couple of weeks. I liked watching the numbers go down. But then, more documents came. And they just kept coming. And they haven’t stopped. So, here is my survival guide:

1) It is important to stay awake.

2) Headphones and peppy music can help you stay awake. When you find yourself saying sarcastic things to the peppy music, switch to a podcast.

3) Cold office also helps you stay awake.

4) Coffee. Don’t get tricked into the old “water is better for you” line.

5) Set time goals! For every 30 minutes of doc review, get up and walk around. Bug your co-workers. Complain about your relatively easy task to people who are entrenched in really difficult projects. For every hour of doc review, I let myself check facebook, or read an article.

6) Think of it like Charlie and Chocolate Factory. You want to be the one who finds the golden ticket. Remember when Veruca Salt’s dad hired all those factory workers to check all the chocolate bars? That’s your document review team and you want to be the lady waving the ticket in the air.

7) Tylenol. Doc review is hard on the eyes.

8) Read articles about people who do doc review full time. Realize you don’t have it that bad.

9) Go bug your co-workers more. Tell them about the really funny email you just read where the big boss tells the middle level boss to let her employees think they came up with ideas themselves “you know, like we do with our husbands.” Then write a blog article looking for sympathy.

10) Enjoy the fact that you get to bill a big block! It beats lots of 0.1s right?

Suggestions from the trenches?