Friday Funbag: Fun with Antitrust in Taiwan

One of the perks of my job is traveling to places that I wouldn’t otherwise get to go. I rarely discuss the arcane legal area that I primarily¬†practice (antitrust) on my blog. It isn’t because I don’t like it–far from it, actually. It’s probably just that it consumes my workday . And because my husband is in the same field, it often subsumes large chunks of my home life too. And there are not that many of us who practice it, so it’s of limited interest. Plus, my lifelong struggle with ADD makes me eager to explore diverse things (hence my current caseload which also includes products liability, Civil rights, banking, creditor’s rights, etc…).

But, last September, I taught an antitrust class in Taiwan. Taiwan is feeling the repercussions of antitrust law for the first time on two fronts–through relatively new legislation in their own country and as the DOJ cracks down on foreign ODMs abroad. I’m excited that I get to participate in an emerging area of the law there, but it’s the weekend, so I’m going to save the law for later and just share some of my pictures of the beauty I’ve been so fortunate to be a part of there.







This is just for the toilet. I had way too much fun playing with these options.
Rooftop sculpture garden at my hotel.
Taipei 101.



Taipei early in the morning. There is a mountain range behind it, just hidden by the clouds.

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